MD3 Los Angeles 1982

Produced  and Recorded by Mark Avnet and Dusty Wakeman 

Recorded at Mad Dog Studio, Venice CA  April-August 1982 

Mixed by Mark Avnet (Tracks 1-4) and Dusty Wakeman (Tracks 5-6) 

Recording and Mixing assisted by Phil Celia and Eric Westfall 

Phil Celia - Lead Vocal 

Dusty Wakeman - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard Synth 

Mark Avnet - Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming 

Larry Knight - Electric Guitar 

Andy Cahan - Piano 

Michael Tempo - Percussion 

Stemsy Hunter - Horn Arrangements 

Perry Celia - Simmons Drums 

Additional Musicians: 

Jeffrey Conroy - Drum Programming 

Berton Averre - Electric Guitar (track 2)  


All songs by Dusty Wakeman, Mark Avnet, and Phil Celia  

© 1982  Dogland Music/BMI, Celiasongs/BMI 

Mastered July 2020 by David Celia at F Spot Studio, Los Angeles CA 

Cover Art: Tamar Stern Celia 

Special thanks to Yvette Colon for keeping us all in line along with the coffee and cookies, and to Jimmy Cull for his client facing chain-smoking bull-dog attributes. Thanks also to Bobby Greenberg for the use of the OBX Drum Machine which got the project started and to everyone else during this special time at Mad Dog Studio.