MD3 Los Angeles 1982 - Offical Release

Coming September 2020 on all worldwide digital outlets, the long awaited release of MD3 Los Angeles 1982. 

Formed literally by accident in the Summer of 1982 as a way to better understand the workings of some new technology , MD3 was founded. Mad Dog Studio owners Mark Avnet and Dusty Wakeman were eager to explore just what these marvels of recording technology could do. So, like all great musicians, they began to play and create. Phil Celia, a Mad Dog associate engineer at the time and budding singer songwriter was in on the festivities. Mark puts it this way “ … We'd just bought some new equipment and were learning how to use it. We had a friend's OBX drum machine (and later my Linn), programmed a beat, Dusty Wakeman and I started tracking stuff (both playing basses, and Dusty also doing some great guitar parts)... Phil Celia in the comfy chair writing lyrics. Put a mic in front of him and he nailed the vocals. (that's the 3 from Mad Dog - Dusty, Phil, Mark) Dusty and I did harmonies. Stemsy Hunter from The Electric Flag wrote some fantastic charts, brought in a great section. Lots of Mad Dog friends ended up doing something on these tracks - Mike Tempo is all over them. Larry Knight is on much of the guitar work. Andy Cahan on piano and that killer solo in "Feel the Heat" and a few others. I think many did a few versions of the mix on this one. Myself, Eric Westfall, Dusty, and probably Phil did some very cool extended dub mixes. Then band then took it live, played a few gigs around LA and "shopped" a record release with a few labels which never materialized.” 

UNTIL NOW... nearly 40 years later … Ladies and Gents, presenting MD3 Los Angeles 1982.